Quick question about weapons icons in TTT


So my TTT server is at its last stages of development until it goes public. I’ve made all of the scripts I need to for a basic, starting server and the only thing I have left to do is to make the icons for the custom weapons on the server.
Here is my problem:

I have made the VTF and VMT files for the icon but I don’t know where to put them. On TTT Badking it tells us to put the VTF in …root\garrysmod\materials\vgui tt and the VMT in …root\garrysmod\gamemodes erroristtown\content\materials\vgui tt.
I have tried putting the files in these locations but they don’t work, which has lead me to think that I didnt fully understand the instructions on where to put the files.

So Where do these files go ?


PS. Sorry if this is a really stupid question.

Put them both in the first location you listed, granted that is what you specified in the SWEP/equipment file.

Hmm you should be fine just placing them in the materials folder. As long as you have the3 correct path pointing to the files and the proper fast DL files setup you shouldn’t need to make duplicate copies. I believe BadKing suggests placing the files in “root\garrysmod\materials\vgui tt\custom_folder\files” this is just a way to prevent your clients from using other servers icons.

You’re overcomplicating it

  1. Make icon and place it in garrysmod/materials/communityname/materialname.png (or vtf/vmt)
  2. Set the icon path in your weapon
  3. resource.AddFile it and set it up with your fastdl

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And no you cannot prevent other servers from using icons, they could always replace a file with their own and renaming it. Having it al in its own folder would prevent that.