Quick Question: Angles and Animations

I’m screwing around in a script and I would like to know that if I use Angle:Up, will it work like this?
model:Angle:Up(Vector blah blah blah)
Also, how could I cue a animation and stop it. The animation I’m looking for is when you sit down on the air boat seat, or some other seat in that matter.

New question!
Editing a script, I want to spawn a random selected model.
Like. Triggers starts this. Spawn model1.mdl, model2.mdl, or model3.mdl

for your question about models:

local models = { "Model", "Paths", "In", "Here" };

function SelectRandomModelPath()
       return models:Random(); -- idr if you can do this or not, if this errors do table.Random(models);