Quick Question | Changing ammotypes

I’m working on a special server (DarkRP gamemode base) and I’m just wondering how to change the ammo it takes.
I’m using the FA:S 2 Weapons,and I want to change one of the weapons ammo to a hl2 ammo,such as smg.
I don’t really know how to change this but I do know it has to do with this:

Thanks,all I need to know is if this is allowed (legally) and if so what to change it to for certain ammo types. Thank you.

set primary ammo to smg then?

Thought so. But is this allowed? I don’t want to have to deal with a ton of ammos being able to be bought but neither do I want to deal with any legal issues.

edit: Actually I was wondering what I set it to,“smg”?
Or is it like “ar” or “ar2” or something like that?

ar2 is the one for the “combine” rifle, smg is for the basic HL2 smg, so set it to SMG, and afaik you are allowed, since it also annoys when you have to add all the addon specific ammunitions, I doubt the addon creator would DMCA/whatever you for only changing the ammo type, lol.

Changed all ammo types,and actually SMG is “smg1”.

Soz, I never really coded a “big” swep.