Quick Question, Do GMOD Hosting services set up the Gamemode for you?

First off I am sorry if this is a pretty stupid question, I am new to hosting services. Let’s say I purchase a 45 slot server, and let’s say I want Openaura HL2RP on it, do I set up the Gamemode or will the Hosting company do it for me?
Also another quick question, why does FP hate HL2RP?

EDIT: I am sorry if I was supposed to put this in Fast threads, just thought I could get more help here.

You have to setup the gamemode.

not everyone on here hate HL2RP, just most. This is mainly due to the huge stroyline that is set. There’s only citizens and CP. CP does what they want, citizens only gets beat, shot at, sleep, walk around, and so on. there’s no really roleplay with it. Or atleast most servers don’t have it. It’s generally just Cops ‘n’ Robbers, HL2 style. not roleplay at all.

No, servers will not set up a gamemode for you. To answer your other question…

HL2 RP is hated so much because it’s overdone as fuck. There’s little (if any) interesting roleplay that happens because almost everything goes against canon. My advice? Don’t do HL2 RP. If you’re going to do RP, make your own canon or do something that’s not done to death. For example, I made a bunker/zombie/conspiracy roleplay with its own backstory and shit, and a lot of people liked it. Needless to say, it ended up failing because of some jackass that got butthurt because he couldn’t have sex RP; he claimed everyone was interrupting his roleplay. But that’s beside the point.

If you’re going to do something involving roleplaying, please make it unique, but also make sure you have the players to make the server successful.

Well there isn’t only Citizens and CP there are CWU, Vortigaunts, Scanners, Synths, Stalkers, ETC. But that’s beside the point. Thanks for answering my question!

Factions don’t make good roleplay, FYI. Unique ideas do.