Quick Question for The Garry's Mod Community

Hey there guys, I’ve got a quick question for everyone out there who plays multiplayer in GMod a lot. Would you use a standalone desktop server browser that allows you to rate, comment on, and favorite servers? Or is the built in one workable (imo It’s not very good for finding decent servers)? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks guys.

EDIT: Here are some pics of my application so far.

This is what the browser looks like right now, there’s still a lot to be done. In this pic I’ve searched by my favorite servers.

And this is what the form for registering a server looks like - my favorite part about it is that you can choose from a list of 9 premade banners or upload a custom one.

Does it only show your registered servers or does it grab all of the gmod servers?

Why would you not make a web application for this?

At the moment, it only grabs all servers that are registered with the service.

I’m shit at web design.

You may be horrifically lowering the amount of people who would consider using this service by requiring your own software, that’s all.

Yeah, that’s why I was asking if people would even use it. I’m hoping to keep the software installation as quick, easy, and convenient as possible in hopes that people will at least give it a shot, and if they don’t like it at least it wasn’t a giant waste of time or anything.

Would use it if it was open source & supported on linux. (And if the software remains simple)

You could maybe hire somebody for web design, and then make a custom gmod menu to include this server browser inside an DHTML panel instead of the menu.

I’d definitely use it as long as it was open source so i could make sure there wasn’t anything nasty in the code

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I’ll keep development going for now.


i agree with spain this is a virus, please don’t download this.

… What? There’s no download. It’s not even in beta lol.

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You could also consider making it a menu skin, just look in /garrysmod/html/.
I don’t know if you can send AJAX from the javascript there though.
But worth a try.

Hm, that’s interesting. I actually didn’t know GMod used .html files for the menus, that’s kinda neat. I’ll be looking more into this.

Quick update here, searching for servers is now working :slight_smile:

I’d just prefer to get the old server browser restored as the default and the new one put under the option menu.

Okay, it looks like nobody is going to give it to you straight, so I’ll do it.

As others have said, nobody is going to use this if it’s not a web app, and they’re especially not going to want to use a program with a GUI like that. It is completely unappealing. If you want it to look unique, go get a theme and use that. Your GUI looks like it was made by a 12 year old who discovered the properties window in Visual Studio. I’m not saying that to be mean, I’m saying that so you can get your shit together before you continue with this, because I don’t want you to work on this and then have nobody use it.

It’s ugly and it shouldn’t even be a program in the first place. I’m saying this as both a desktop application developer and theme designer/developer for desktop apps.