Quick Question: How do I make a ragdoll get hit when frozen and still fall down?

By which I mean. You pose a ragdoll and you want it to stay there in place, standing. When you collide with it though you want it to become a ragdoll again and fall down…

So, tell me facepunch how do I do it?

There’s a tool called Sleep ‘n’ Wake. It pretty much does what you seem to be wanting, and can be downloaded here:

or the normal way is to pose the ragdoll how you want to, and the freeze it, and then weld each of the parts to the ground with the force slider being set somewhere above zero (play with that and find out where it’s best) and then unfreeze it. You want it so the weld is strong enough to hold the weight of the ragdoll but will break when something hits it.

OR there’s another trick involving resetting the gravity, more of a glitch, that can make props just float in the air where you left them but immediately fall normally when touched, I forget how to do that one though…

place the rags and hit host_timescale 0 into console, it’s better to bind it to a key