Quick question. MuzzleFlash effect.

Hey there.

Since the CSS muzzles are broken, i’m trying to fix them without the use of custom particles or effects.

How can i do this via lua?

Currently, i’m using this code to hide the css muzzle:

function SWEP:FireAnimationEvent(pos,ang,event)
return (event==5001)

and i’m using this to emit a new muzzle. THis is in the primaryattack function
local Vm = self.Owner:GetViewModel()
if Vm == nil then return end
ParticleEffectAttach( “muzzle”, PATTACH_POINT_FOLLOW , Vm, Vm:LookupAttachment( “2” ))

However the particle does not emitt. I’ve been spending a good hour searching for the hl2 muzzle effect so that i could get the name, but no luck.


CS:S Muzzle flashes are broken? What?

They emitt at the bottom of the gun. They don’t emitt at their muzzle.

Maybe its just me?

I am pretty much sure you are wrong. Totally.

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SWEP.CSMuzzleFlashes = true

Ah, thats why! I’m a total idiot, pardon me. I forgot about that.