Quick question on lip syncing

Hey guys i wanted to create a talking scene in gmod with one of the l4d2 survivors, so have been doing a bit of research on how to go about this on youtube.

I found this really good tutorial, but cant seem to find any of the options he is talking about. A couple of minutes in he starts showing some sliders in the face poser menu for sounds such as Oh, Eh, Oo, Sh, Pf, etc etc. He says these are in the context menu, but i cant find these anywhere in the context menu, all i can see is a preset drop down menu, and all the sliders for face poser controls.

So i was wondering if he was maybe using an addon? And if not, do you guys know where these sliders he is using are?

Thats a truncated url, dosent actually go to the right video. But I would recomend doing this instead, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R38qlnow6eI. May take a bit longer, but much better results. I was able to make Breen sing the Yogscast’s Diggy Diggy Hole song in a couple hours. If your making a serious machinima, Itll take maybe a day to make a scene, but will be far less annoying than those stopmotion videos

Ok that one should work.