quick question regarding decay

As we know thing decay unless repaired or reset!
Now … here’s a question regarding this…

I want to create an event on one of my server, where I create a building where ppl can raid for fun loot, or I will make a drop building… question now is … if I make ie. a 3 floor high building, with a crate with items inside at top floor. If at the end ppl can not raid this, and I don’t open the door it will start to decay! When, at long enough all is decayed, will this crate stay floating in the air?? will it fall down?? if it falls, will it be still lootable?

Anyone know anything about this?

I would say that crate would decay sooner than the ceiling it’s on, but I’m really just guessing here.

We played on a server (first server), built up a very big house. We had many boxes full of different stuff, almost everything you can imagine.

We decided to stop playing on that server because of the admins spamming air drops and really low population. We moved to another server and left this one. Before building a metal base on another server, we decided to come back and plan our building with wood because we had a lot there!

We came back after 5-7 (not exactly sure) days and all walls were gone! Only foundation, pillars and ceilings were standing. All the boxes with loot were still standing there, maybe some boxes without a loot were gone, I do not know.

I think the walls and doorways will decay in 48h or something like that if you do not open any doors. Boxes with items inside are not going to decay even after 5 days!

I recently had a base made of just 8 pillars and a foundation and a ceiling put up in some rocks, it decayed within a week til nothing was left