Quick question

Simple question. How to get player who spawned a prop? Thanks.

(not Player:GetOwner())

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Falco’s Prop Protection, Simple Proprotection, etc. Or make a NWstring or something associated to the entity when it’s spawned. I don’t think Garry’s Mod has a default function for finding the owner of a prop. (which would be really useful)


If gamemode you are using isn’t doing it by default, then you have to add a function and call it with a hook

Is there an easier way? I still dont get it.

GetOwner is the easiest way, why the fuck would you ever need an alternative?

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And you disagree’d Netheous’ post even though he gave you everything you need to know on this subject

Create your own function / override setowner and getowner. The default functions make the prop ghosted / walkthrough.