Quick questions about the game (plz help me, I'm new to the game)

How do I go into the “towns” without dying (I can never last more than 10 seconds even with basic clothing)?
If I’m not mistaken, you would need anti-radioactive armor (as I’ve seen in some videos) but how would I get that?
Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

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There are a few ways to do this, you can get radiation armor from the boxes in rad towns, some dont have high radiation some have very high. You can also go into the towns and have radiation pills to keep ur rads down. Water also takes away rads and some other items takes away a little bit, just read the item.

Wait, so I have to go into radiation towns to get radiation armor… That sucks! As for the water an rad pills, where could I find those? And what town has the least radiation?

find the rad town and you will be ok, there barely has radiation

Eat chicken and avoid Factory rad

I’d stay out of towns and try to work up tech if you’re newer to the game. Towns are usually just a great way to get shot, especially on larger servers.

Usually, at the beginning, I’d recommend going to Small Radtown (low radiation, and about 10 crates to loot), the Tanks (high radiation, but small area and fast to loot) or the Hangar (big area, but overall little radiation). The places you want to avoid if you don’t have any Rad gear or pills (like, a helluva lot) are Big Radtown (a shitload of crates to loot -almost 20- but high radiation and it takes a lot of time to loot) and Factory Radtown : a lot of rad animals, a lot of crates, but the highest amount of radiation you can take in the legacy branch. My rad level went from 0 to 1200 in about 15 seconds.

You can get water and rad gear from red animals, which can be easily killed with a bow and a couple arrows (2 for a wolf, 3 for a bear)

Thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it!

Initial Survival Phase:

Step 1 - Use rock to mine x2 or x3 rock node and x1 wood node
Step 2 - Hide, then craft x1 stone hatchet
Step 3 - Use hatchet to obtain x110 wood.
Step 4 - Build x1 Wood Shelter and x1 Wood Door - Attach door to shelter - Add small crate
Step 5 - Find pigs, chicken and rabbits - Use your stone hatchet to kill and obtain Raw Chicken
Step 6 - Make sure you have 5 wood (Mine another wood node if needed) - In Shelter build a camp fire
Step 7 - Put Raw Chicken into camp fire, ignite camp fire, wait 5 minutes and recover the Cooked Chicken to eat and restore hunger.
Step 8 - Hunt more pigs, chicken and rabbits - Obtain x15 Cloth -Craft Sleeping Bag - Lay it inside your shack (This will allow you to use respawn at camp so if you do happen to die, you go back to where you started)
Step 9 - Obtain x50 stone & x50 wood - Build a workbench inside your shack
Step 10 - Obtain x5 more cloth and around x50 wood and x10ish stone. - Create a Hunting Bow and some Arrows
Step 11 - Use the Hunting Bow to farm wolves, bears, pigs for enough Animal Fat for x10 low grade fuel - Farm enough stone and wood and create a Furnace in your Shack.
Step 12 - Insert wood and Metal Ore into your furnace, over time this will create Metal Fragments - Create x200 metal fragments and then create a Metal Door
Step 13 - Obtain around x300 wood, convert the wood into Wooden Planks - Use Wooden Planks to create x1 Foundation, x1 Cealing, x4 pillers, x3 Walls and x1 Door frame
Step 14 - Find a good spot (Remember this is not your real base) - Lay down the foundation, add the 4 pillars on each edge of the foundation add the door frame - add the metal door to the door frame (most important to get this on first and quick) , add the 3 walls then finally the ceiling. - Move your Sleeping Bag into your new structure.

^ That is your first and highest priority in rust.
This will keep you defended for an extended period of time as it requires x2 Satchel Charges (C4) to get into your new house (generally referred to as a 1by1 in game as it constitutes only 1 foundation).
Note: DO NOT GO OUT IF PLAYERS ARE IN OR AROUND YOUR BASE. They can either shoot you before you close your door to gain entry or door hold. (I will explain door holding in the raiding section)

Now you can veer off into two different paths. Both should be done evenly.
Path 1 - Tekking (A word we use, may be different to others) - Tekking involves finding loot or hunting rad bears in order to obtain blueprints and research kits.
Path 2 - Base Building - This involves farming resource nodes to create a larger size base.
Tekking will increase your overall strength and firepower (As well as a few base building things)
Base Building is a must to increase the protection of your valuables as well as provide a strategic point of operations.

Tekking Phase:

The tekking phase will be split into two different guides: A Rad Run, and Rad Hunting

  • A Rad Run is when you venture out and locate areas (Normally where radiation is) that holds loot boxes.
    • A Rad Run is good when you are looking for more advanced weapons and healing like M4’s and Bolt Action Rifles and small/large Medkits. They sometimes on a rare occasion, even drop a Satchel Charge
  • A Rad Hunt is when you kill rad wolves and rad bears (The red looking bears and wolves). - You kill these to obtain blueprints, ammo, research kits and metal parts (+ large wooden storage blueprint)
    It is safer and easier to do a Rad Hunt than a Rad Run so we will start with this first.

Rad Hunt Guide:
Step 1 - Go naked with nothing on you. Search around your area (almost always on or near the road) for Rad Bears and Rad Wolves. Don’t worry, as a naked if you die, select spawn at camp. You will be sent back to your base.
**Step 2 ** - Get, or create a Hunting Bow and some Arrows as well as some chicken as you may be out for a while. If you can, take x50 or so wood and x10 or so stones. This is in case you need to craft more arrows.
Step 3 - Locate the Rad animals you originally searched for.
Step 4 - Stand back as to not get their attention (They are attracted to sound) – Arm your bow and attack the Rad animal. - It takes 2 hits for a Rad Wolf and 3 for a Rad Bear)
Step 5 - Once the animal dies, it will drop a green bag. Search the bag and take any valuables.
– If you get a blue looking page, highlight it. This is a blue print. These are initially what you are looking for. The main ones you will need to start are: 9mm Pistol, P250, Large Wood Storage Kit, Shotgun, and the Kevlar Set. More advanced ones are: F1 Grenade and Satchel Charge (Really rare!)
– Note Rad Animals will not drop weapons. Only Blueprints to make them – The M4 and Bolt Action can not be found from Rad animals, nor is there a blueprint for them.
– If you find a research kit, it is advisable to take it back as soon as possible. These can be used for the more advanced items that Rad animals do not drop.
^ Repeat the above process, make sure to take your loot back on regular occasions. You never know when someone is going to kill you in Rust.

since tif has put such a comprehensive plan up, thought i might give a quick run through of my own.

  1. follow the road (a bit away from the road itself) towards the nearest rad site, unless it is big or factory rad. find some deer/pigs and harvest enough cloth for a sleeping bag (15) and get that down as soon as you can. that way, if you die, you can spawn back to retrieve your gear.

  2. hunt and gather up with enough cloth, wood and stone for a bow and arrow, and enough wood to make a proper 2x1 base. don’t bother with a wooden shelter unless the wood stocks are really sparse, because it can be knocked in very easily, and can’t be built up later. build somewhere a bit subtle but close enough to resources and the rad site to be practical. consider making a workbench if you need to be quicker with crafting. and get a second sleeping bag made and place it in your base.

3a) hunting. take that bow and hunt the rad animals just short of the rad site. this will get you blueprints, food and some random loot worth having, its also a decent supply of research kits. also, you can get up a stock of meat to cook while you are out hunting. regularly drop gear back at the base, and grab any woodpiles on the way between with a crafted hatchet or scavenged pick. use any blueprints immediately (within reason, don’t use them instead of shooting an enemy;)) consider raiding the rad site too if the rad animals are all dead and it won’t draw too much attention.

3b)gathering. when you have a decent stock of food, normal animals will be basically obsolete, so just hunt rad animals. gather up ores and wood so you can make a furnace and start working up a few metal doors and enough metal to take advantage of the few guns/blueprints you have found so far.

  1. get bored expanding and harvesting, and just go kill stuff.

edit kooglio, if you have something to say, have the guts to comment in the thread;)

So there are some “Rad loots” where is literaly no rad, you can loot it relaxed.
Pills and Water you can get from red animals too which are to kill if you have a bow

go to Small Rad (the one splitted by road) or Hangar
the radiation there not so high

or u can just killing red bear or wolf first to get some Anti-Rad Equipment and Anti-Rad Pills first then go to the Big Rad, Coast Rad, etc