Quick questions on custom skins

Hi there. I was making a custom texture for the glock. so i made it, but then i wanted it to glow in the dark. so i found a tutorial and made that, and edited the VMT. the problem is i have 2 seperate skins, the cool skin and the glow-in-the-dark one. How can i merge these 2? I mean like have the custom skin AND the glow in the dark one at the same time? Thanks!

I didn’t understand what you mean…
do you want just some parts of the glock to glow in the dark?

Yes. I have this Custom skin that i made yesterday: http://imgur.com/Emb9bXS

The problem is that i want the green parts to glow in the dark, but i want to maintain the camo skin too. I’ve seen this done before, so is it possible???

yes, it is.
you just need to make an alpha channel for your texture
take a look here