Quick Release STOOL

Can I have a quick release STool? it should be a rope, but you can choose a numpad key, and when you press it, the rope ‘breaks’ or dissapears. Or something.

[Bottom line: Something is held in place, frozen, roped, whatever, and you hit a button and it falls.]

If you want, I’ll also give the first person to make a satisfactory STool and upload it to garrysmod.org with a link posted here $500 Applejack.

Wait, what? You’ll pay someone $500 for making a 30 second STOOL?

Learning lua

Sure, at least it gets the thread attention. You gonna do it?

I highly doubt you have $500 to give away for a 30 second STOOL.

I’ve got 19k on ventmob, I’ll pay. At any rate, I didn’t realize how easy a task this would be, and I can’t take back my promise now… At any rate, will you code it?

If you weld by force 1000 and add thruster with 1000 power you hit the button and prop is released
Where are my 500$

OP must take us for stupid or something.

Thats not an STOOL.
No munnes for you.


No, I just didn’t realize how easy this would be for SOMEONE WHO WOULD ACTUALLY CODE IT.
If you’re going to code it, do, if not, stfu.

If you can give away $500 on this, you clearly have too much money.

Also there is a weld latch tool, but I think it’s wiremod only.

No… I only have 22k, I’m fairly newb.

I’m assuming this isn’t real money.

lol, how could it be? I wouldn’t even give fucking 2 dollars for something as simple as this.

…I think he’s offering to give you some of the currency on my server. ._.

Cmon, you guys actually fell for it?

He’s offering to pay $500 on VentMob, if you don’t know what that is it’s a popular Gmod roleplay server. Mortimus, be a bit more specific in your first thread.

Anyway, on topic, what exactly do you need the Stool for?

Oh Jesus. I’m outta here.


epic fail


I’ve wanted it for a while for various things, like DROPPING BOMBS ON ZOMBIES!!1!