Quick Settings V2

(I am blackshade the original maker of Quick Settings V1)
Okay this thread is for ideas on what to put into my quick settings menu. Now remember this is only my second derma so. I will need explanations on stuff like padding.
What I look forward to doing, adding more tabs (Sheets) for more stuff, I just don’t know what to put into it.

Picture -

Change log so far for V2 -

  • Cleaned up messy messy code

Is this for server settings or singleplayer settings. And also I have never used an admin mod but I am sure this kind of thing would already be packaged with one?

I don’t know but I don’t see the use in this.

This is for singleplayer use. It is more of a learning project for me that I would like to see become something I can be proud of.

Fair enough. I wish you good luck then :slight_smile:

It’s practical (nice start) but ugly. If you want to become a good Derma coder, you need to get an eye for what looks nice. For example, you should (in my opinion) center the left menu vertically to avoid making it look like you just have a bunch of empty space, or merge it somehow with the right menu to avoid extra grayspace. Also, padding. You need it. In the collapsible categories, your derma items should not be on the border - it looks better with some space inbetween.

Also, download?

And lastly, I would suggest adding a space for an RCON password on multiplayer servers so it’s viable in all facets of gmod.

Oh, and don’t use the default frame. It’s really dull because everyone uses it. Try overriding the DFrame’s paint and use a rounded box that’s black or white or just something besides what it is now.

Will do/try