Quick Settings

Quick settings! Change the maximum props and other things with ease!


Place in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder!
Then, open up garrysmod to singleplayer and type in console, quick_settings!

Picture -

Credits -

Nishok :smiley: - helped with bugs and stuffs
Dingle - helped me find retarded bug
Stebbzor - helped me find retarded bug(s)
Co Bullet - Coder

Download Link -

Note: this is one of my first dermas so keep the flaming down if it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

For things like Ragdolls/Npcs/Vehicles i recommend setting the maximum value on the slider to something normal like 10, I don’t think anyone would go higher than maybe 10-15 on any server for those things unless they’re just generally being an idiot.

Other than that for a first Derma it looks alright, Padding would be a good thing to look into though.


:ohdear: You certainly have a lot of sliders manually declared. In the future, one helpful tool for creating several derma items of the same type is a table (plus a for loop). For example, instead of creating twenty one different sliders, you can do:

local sliders = {
[“sbox_maxlamps”] = “Maximum Lamps Allowed”,
[“sbox_maxthrusters”] = “Maximum Thrusters Allowed”,

for k,v in pairs(sliders) do
local slider = vgui.Create( “DNumSlider”)

You could also do the same thing with the checkboxes.

But all in all, good work on your first derma.

You should say too: that way you can add your own Server specific convars too without typing 5 additional lines.

I wasn’t even thinking about a loop with a table! Oh my god that could have been so helpful xD thanks.