Quickdraw Weapon Selection


Quickdraw is a free radial weapon selection script.

The script is designed to work functionally the same as the default weapon select HUD. You can scroll, use slot keys, or hold a hotkey to access the menu. If you usually select your physgun with “1 1 1 Left-Click”, you can use the same keys with Quickdraw.

It’s available for free as a basic radial weapon selector on the Steam Workshop. The premium version, available on Scriptfodder, includes a settings menu, a time-warp effect, and no watermark.

I made a free version because this script is not for every server. When you have fewer than 10 or so weapons it can look a little ugly, but many gamemodes, including Sandbox and DarkRP, give players this many weapons or more, so it’s best to test it on your server first. If you like it, keep it no problem. If you LOVE it, consider helping out a starving Computer Science major <3.

The script doesn’t actually slow time down in a multiplayer game (that would be chaotic; everyone who changed weapons would slow the whole server down). Instead, it simulates this effect with the use of motion blur, DSP changes, move/look speed reduction, and sound effects. The result is quite immersive.

Lua Devs! Wanna see some fine stencil magic? Take a peek at lua/autorun/client/cl_wepsel.lua :slight_smile:

Free version (workshop)
Free version (garrysmods.org)
Premium version (scriptfodder)

This looks nice :smiley:
Cant wait to try out

Love addon that have both free and premium version

Wow, when I saw you posting your progress I believed that it was a paid job for some server, very awesome that you are releasing a free version. This is spot on.

This looks great, good job!

This is damn awesome man

Maybe you could make an alternative design like one of the Doom weapon selection system with a custom font and blu-ish background.

Other than that, nice job.

If he does, I’d recommend him to release that as a premium feature. Can only justify giving us so much for free.


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I’ve got about 3 things I’m working on right now, so don’t expect any new features or changes aside from bug fixes for a while, if ever.