QuickHud v1.0b

This is my latest lua creation. It is still being developed, so if there are any small bugs, please report them here.

This is a mix of 3 of my past lua projects, a speedometer, a mini scoreboard, and a bar thing.

In the next update, I am going to increase the mini scoreboard’s width, so people with large names do not go behind the text. (Text going behind data text)



Give me ideas if you want to help fill in the blank space on the bar.

That scoreboard would get annoying if the server was crowded, looking nice

Read the orange text on the picture.

It’s really ugly.

Thank you.

I like the hud. Mostly the G Icon

Almost everything you release has the same super ugly style to it. You really need to rethink your design implementation.

I agree, it would be cool if a differnet font was used

This is what I’ve changed so far. Give me more suggestions to make things look better.

It’s still so damn ugly. Revise your design.

I would like to see you do better mistur man. It doesn’t look that bad.

Make the font bigger please, my pathetic eyes strain to read the little font.

You asked what we thought. If you do that every time, no one will give you any opinions. And he’s right.

Font sucks, quit using it.

I have one question.

I’m using a Stargate Puddle Jumper add-on but the HUD won’t read its speed. Does the HUD not register speeds for any other vehicle add-ons, or is it just this?


What’s so bad about the font? Besides the font on the health & speedometer, it looks fine for the most part. If you want different font, you can change it yourself when the next update is released.

If it doesn’t measure the speed of players in vehicles & outside of vehicles, then the creator did something wrong if he was trying to make a working speedometer.

Citizen 1: Hey, what do you think of this?
Citizen 2: I don’t like it.
Citizen 1: Shutup stupid, it looks great.

Hey Jova, looks good. Try some different colors maybe, and try to blend them a bit more. Changing your font may help quite a bit too. Try centering the information on the info bars.

Is that an inside joke or is that just a really unfunny comment?

Anyway, Jova, its nice to see that you’re still working on your Lua, and to be honest the LAYOUT of your HUD looks pretty nice, the problem is you’ve got a god awful taste in fonts and colors, so you should get to revising that.

Uh, its what the OP just did in this thread.

His layout is 2 bars and a scoreboard. Its too uncreative and the colors seem to be random. He should not quit, he should improve.

Also, a scoreboard does not go on the HUD unless it is somehow made ridiculously compact.


i thought this was the hl2 quick hud :saddowns: