Quickly, swiftly and nimbly, the White Knight reappeared behind his preys.


With Chromatic Abberation

First serious photoshop in a while now. Please comment!

I like the posing on baldy a lot. The blood seems really random, though. Especially on the old one laying dead on the ground. And Asian’s arm is a bit wonky…

A badass rating is required.

As I said on Steam, it’s really damn fucking good.

But how did he get behind them?

he’s a magician obviously

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fucking teleportus leviosum

That’s what makes him incredibly badass, he managed to sneak behind them… in a train.

Looks pretty badass.
Sadly I was disappointed because it isn’t what I expected. But the music makes up for it.
I was expecting something to do with Bianco Angelos from DMC4.

The music makes me feel sorry for the guys about to die.
Good posing, though.

The shoulders look a bit fucked up but the rest of the posing is great.

fucking chromatic abberation, your pics look better without it bubba you french dingus. still, this is very good and i’m a businessman looking to invest in your services.

i like this

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but yeah remove the chromatic aberration

Really cool posing and camera angle.

Aberration makes me want to rip my eyes out though.

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Dumb faceposing on the white guy on the right.

Took down the Chromatic Abberation, thanks for the feedback.

looks so much better now

where is the picture, I don’t see it.

Try this link

Looks like a movie, I like it!

Pretty slick shit.
Blood’s a bit iffy but besides that, some seriously awesome stuff.

Reminds me of inception.