QuickTool - Tool searching and extended keybinds

This is a configurable menu and a tool finder. It’s extremely useful if you often use wiremod or some other addon with way too many tools.

● A searchbar for your tools
● An editable menu with hotkeys (I was on a Starcraft binge at the time I wrote this.)
● You can use the keyboard (up, down and enter) to navigate the menus. (Because using the keyboard that way is faster than using the mouse.)
● Works with Garry’s Mod 13 (in case the thread date made you think otherwise)





● Bind a key to quicktool_hotkey
● Press that key once to open the menu (do not hold it down)
● Press the key that corresponds to the menu item you want, or use the mouse to click it. Or use the up / down arrow keys and the enter button.
● Press escape or Q to close the menu (this can be changed to another key)

● Bind a key to quicktool_search
● Press that key once to open the searchbar (do not hold it down)
● Type in a partial tool name. “*” acts as a wildcard. Lua patterns are accepted.
● Use the up / down arrow keys and enter or the mouse to select the tool.
● Escape will close the UI

Note: It’s much faster to use the keyboard hotkeys, up / down and enters buttons than using the mouse to click on menu items.

Editing the menu:

There’s no nice UI to do this. The menu layout is stored in data/quicktool_hotkeys.txt. The default layout can be found: here and is very wiremod-centric. The format of the layout file should be pretty obvious. If you make and post a good layout, I’ll link to it from up here.

[h2]Known Bugs[/h2]
● Minor: Using the mouse to click on menu items causes keyboard navigation to stop working.

SVN: http://cakesaddons.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/quicktool

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Seems quite useful, and looks good as well.

Looks very useful for when switching between wire and construction tool, trying this out now, thanks for it.

[img_thumb] http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/250bpm/seal-of-approval.jpg [/img_thumb]

(User was banned for this post ("Image macro" - Hexxeh))

Looks very nice, I was looking for something like this.

I’ve updated this addon to work with gmod13 (a long while ago.)

And I’ve just updated the original post.