Quitting Rust

Making this post explaining why the new combat update has made me quit Rust after 3k hours of play time.

I understand the appeal to revamp the game to bring in revenue from new players, but in over a decade of playing FPS games I have yet to see such a disregard of opinion from the community and player base by a development team. I spent the majority of my hours practicing and perfecting the PvP mechanics, I loved the fact that your success and progress was gated by your skills you’ve developed and improved upon by playing the game.

Anyone can buy the game, hop on and have fun. That’s cool. If you managed to get a gun and can’t spray it? What are their options? A) Complain the game is too hard, needs to be made easier B) Spend time improving, practicing and get better. The answer should always be the latter in an FPS game. Every competitive game has a skill gap between the players who spend time wanting to improve their skills, and players who do not want to practice and improve. In Rust, this skill dividing mechanic was the ability to control recoil.

A master-able mechanic that was the pillar of Rust PvP for years. Boom, gone. Dummed down to the likes of Call of Duty or Fortnite. Spray and pray RNG aimcone, skill gap completely erased. No new mechanic that could be improved upon; everyone just clumped in the same demographic, never to be inferior to their competitive counterpart. Someone who has just picked up Rust can literally be on the same level as someone with 10k hours in the game. In what Universe is this OK?? Don’t even think about saying “oh… but positioning?”. That’s like saying you might win an arm wrestle against Brian Shaw because you used to play thumb war in primary school.

Anyway, I am genuinely saddened to see this complete trampling of my favorite game. It seems like the devs play a completely different game with these past few updates like water guns, musical instruments, swimming pools, role playing s***, ect. But deep down I know this post accomplishes nothing, the devs probably won’t even read this or care and the thousands of players who quit the game because of this update will go unheard. Because revenue! New players! More concurrent players! Who cares about the game! Who cares about the community! Money!

My man really got killed by a noob and posted a manifesto because of it.
Instead of crying on the forums you should practice the new system and get better.

Hahahahaha alright dude, we understand you suck

What did they add that you consider “Pay2Win”?

That’s why I asked, I really don’t know and I don’t want to redownload Rust.