Qurupeco (Monster Hunter Tri)

Some monster with a beak.


  • 4 sizes (0.3x small, **1x **regular, **3x **big, **7x **bigger)
  • Bodygrouped broken parts (**1 **beak, **2 **right flint, **3 **left flint)
  • Finger (claw) posing
  • Tail posing (to fan the tail out) via the thumbs in finger posing
  • 2 skins for the vocal sac (regular and red)
  • Inflatable vocal sac via Inflator tool







Things to note:

  • The model is hard to pose
  • The vocal sack can get in the way of parts (neck for example)


Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

God dammit, why do you never drop flint!

Now i can take the flint directly from his corpse! Mouahah!


Difficult to pose? Obligatory Challenge accepted pic

Errm…What the heck is wrong with it’s eyes?

The Red parts are its eyelids, the black part is its pupil.

One of my favorite monsters. I love how zany it is.

Are you going to port more of the models from this game?
There are a couple of monsters in there ,that would be freakin`great to have in gmod =D

I do plan on porting all the bosses first, at least.

A little advice to people who want to pose this ragdoll.
The wings contain 3 parts. 1 inner part ,1 middle part and 1 outer part.
Pose the inner part first or it`ll glitch out of control =P

I made a stop motion movie with this ragdoll ,and welded the three parts
toghetter to easier pose the wings. then its easy to simulate flying.
Important to pose them right before welding of course.

Oh my god fuck THIS MONSTER SERIOUSLY. Everyfucking time he’s about to die he calls that giant motherfucking armadillo.

By the way nice Monster Hunter ports.

Nice work on the port. Looks very nice and shiny. In the second picture, is that with a cracked beak? Dang, I never was able to crack its beak. Unless I have and I never noticed.

Hammers are your friend.

The Royal Ludroth? That monster is a cake walk. Unless it summons a Rathian, then it becomes a problem. Not unless you have plenty of Dung Bombs.

That is awesome. I didn’t think anyone would make Tri models for Gmod.