R-202 Light Helicopter

[SUB]as seen on wiremod[/SUB]
For the past few weeks I’ve been putting together pieces of this, showing little bits off here and there. After watching this a few times, I’ve finally gotten motivated, finished, and gotten a video up. This is the R-202, an ultralight, ultraportable, one-man helicopter.

Some pics




New flight E2 with realistic controls and improved optimization
Holo heading/attitude/airspeed/turn & bank/altitude indicators, with secondary collective and altitude screens
Holo cyclic/collective/pedals
Terrain-scanning navigational radar with collision indicator light
Turnkey ignition and headlamp
Seats on the landing skids for people to hop on
only 150 props, 202kg physical mass
uses no addons except for stock wire

Small and light enough to land on the bed of a pickup, it’s endlessly entertaining to fly, though one does have to get the hang of balancing collective and cyclic, and like a real heli it requires a gentle touch and coordination. The instruments are good enough that I can fly in closed areas without hitting walls with just the radar and dash.

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