R-30 Medium Utility Helicopter

Hi. This is the R-30. It is a helicopter (if you couldn’t tell). It was on the WIP thread too.
I hate imageshack.

It can carry 6-7 people. Flies with numpad or keyboard, has sounds. Painfully easy to fly, big skids for easy landing, no weapons. Just kinda fun to flit around in. All parented, about 120 props give or take, and handles…well, fairly helilike. It’s not perfect, but it’s cool IMHO.
download it here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=109964
tell me what you think. It’s my first heli, so constructive feedback is welcome. “This sucks” isn’t. :0)

PROTIP: Telling OP how to make better is awesome.
oh ps: it’s not on WIP now and is here when done because I have a download.

Christ that’s ugly… stop with the bathtubs.


Nose is far too long. How is it powered? Are the rotors actually finned and swashplated or is it some expression voodoo?

simple expression voodeedoo.
Nose sucks, I know. Was originally gonna be MI-8 style, just kinda went “fuck it” since every time I added something on it borked. It’s very hard to make a nose for me. :0/

Terrible. The nose makes Pinocchio look normal, materials are terrible, fuselage is way too long. The cockpit doesn’t connect with the fuselage properly, and the curved underbelly along with the square sides is hideous. Cockpit detailing is also pretty bad. It needs flooring and a more than just one dashboard pointed at a 45 degree angle.

And turn up those graphics when you take screenshots. Make it somewhat presentable.

This is honestly pretty ugly.

Holy shit, you’re right! His graphics are nearly as bad as mine!

hey in my defense, my computer has an nvidia 6150 graphics card…and that’s hte newest part of it.

Any more props or gfx and gmod crawls.

I’m prolly gonna baaalete this damn thing…seems like the general census is, it’s shit.

I actually like it. Very fun.