R.A.P.E. An GMod short.

Some of you may remember my old GMod comic from last year called R.A.P.E. .

Well, I decided to remake it. But this time in video.
High volume is recommended, this or an headset, as Sony Vegas made it quiet as hell for some reason.


i lol’ed. good work.



That was awesome! Nice faceposing :stuck_out_tongue:

What did you use to make the camera follow you? :downs:

Actually, try looking down and pressing alt fire with the “Camera” tool. Then, it fallows you. But you must look ALL THE WAY down.

I know that silly. ANOTHER QUESTION: how do you get scene files from faceposer into gmod like that, like how do you play them?

I :lol:ed at the monster truck semi…

nice ^^