[R-AA] Rust Addicts Anonymous

Me and a few buddies have been playing rust for about 4 weeks and we noticed right away there is a lot of servers with hackers not being banned and admins abusing their powers. So we decided to start up our own and try to build a community!

**[US] Rust Addicts |PvP|InstaCraft|DoorShare| WIPED 01/13

To connect press F1 when you are in the Rust lobby and type:-

net.connect then press enter**

  • PvP
  • Sleeper
  • Door Sharing
  • Instant Crafting
  • Player Commands have now been added, type /help
  • Autoban for accounts with previous ban’s on record
  • 1 teleport to a friend for new players (every restart)
  • Chat history
  • Player list & online count
  • Private messaging system
  • Message of the day
  • Server notices
  • Shutdown messages & auto save
  • Player join notices
  • Events such as Item giveaways, random airdrops and much more!
  • Airdrops automated at 45 players

If you need any help from us just ask and we’ll teleport over and give you some advice.

We also have a Teamspeak3 server and forum that you all are welcome to use for rust and other games.

Adress: ts.ownageservers.net (no password)

Come check it out see what you think!

Have a look at the steam group to keep up to date with the server!

Great server!

Currently 4 admins from different timezones so there is always someone to keep an eye out for hackers/griefers/glitchers.

I am currently hiding supplies in boxes around the map to help you set up a base!

Box contains:-

3 wood walls
1 wood door way
1 foundation
1 wood ceiling
1 metal door

Keep an eye out for boxes with different items!

Good server. Admins are friendly.

Thanks Dox.

Server is doing really well, thanks everyone that is sticking around!

25 people on last night! plenty of regulars now. I’ll be on later today doing some events, air drops and item giveaways

This was probably the worst admin experience I’ve had

I hate to be unpleasant but this is by far the worst experience I’ve had with a Rust server. I came in and was instantly killed by a hacker. When I reported the hacker i was insulted by mods and admins. I let it go and then others started to report the same person. Soon nearly the whole server was on my side and it was obvious that this person was indeed hacking. The admins started sending serverwide messages calling us nerds and banned multiple people, still refusing to ban the hacker. http://puu.sh/6fzGI.png

Just don’t be surprised when this happens to you if you join.

The admins were handling the situation. They were watching him while invisible and saw nothing suspicious. Your attitude, constant spamming and rude behaviour is what got yourself banned from the server. Same goes for your friend squid.

Between 60/70 average players at peak times! Come and join see what you think. Once this server consistently reaches the max player number i will be thinking about opening another server.

Check out our steam group community page!