R. Admiral: Comic Maker [Interactive]

Hey guys. I think hell just froze over. If you click the image, you’ll either get a full size version or a puppy.

As for the text effect, it’s as much an experiment as it is a rip off of Splinter Cell and Corridor of Ashes, which is a much better interactive than this. I’m serious. Go read it. I’m still getting to grips with it while I lose my mind getting the perspective to look even remotely plausible. Also, the writing is a mess.

EDIT: Essentially, I wanted to make a comic… but I didn’t know what to make one about. That’s when the idea of making an interactive struck my mind, and facepunch can never have enough interactives. The plot and setting of this comic can change at the whim of the voters, and I honestly don’t know where this’ll take me. Space, secret agents, nuclear war… anything is possible in the next half hour.


So Facepunch, what now?

Search through boxes for night vision goggles. Equip, and escape through air ducts.

And, on a serious note, go to the front door and answer it. Have a chat with your land lord.

The air ducts are full of scorpions.

Sorry, forgot to mention that.

Pesky scorpions. I have the same problems.

As I said, answer the front door and have a chat with your land lord.

open the door punch land lord in face steel wallet go to Vegas.

Take a book and hit it against the landlord’s face.

Take a book and smack whoever is behind the door.

I like the way you placed the text all around, like in Splinter cell conviction.
Hide in the bathroom, he’ll just come back later.

This one looks pretty good too. :slight_smile:

Although, the reading can be a pain sometimes.

Like I said, the writing’s a mess and chances are when I order it it’ll be a bit easier to read. This is what happens when you don’t preserve your workflow when working in photoshop. Damn you, “flatten image!” :saddowns:

search Russian invasion supply’s for a gun or blunt object, hell maby some money awnsor door try to use speech skills to convince him to leave you alone

Open the front door and see who it is.


Yeah it’s short.

Press the pretty red button.

Press the red button. If nothing of consequence happens, head to the world map.

Use the new papers as a protection and press the button.

Guard yourself with the newspapers, and then press the button. If you’re still alive, head to the other apartments.