R++ Help in understanding

Min Max NoDupes OneOfEach

1 2 False False

Prob Weight T or I Item Name Min Count Max Count

5 I M4 Blueprint 1 1
5 I MP5A4 Blueprint 1 1
5 I P250 Blueprint 1 1
5 I Shotgun Blueprint 1 1
5 I Flashlight Mod BP 1 1
5 I Laser Sight BP 1 1
5 I Holo sight BP 1 1
1 I Silencer BP 1 1
5 I F1 Grenade Blueprint 1 1
5 I Explosive Charge Blueprint 1 1

What effect do each of the numbers have on the spawn rate of each item? It seems that Blue Prints are being dropped way more than they should be.

this config is linked to another if im not mistaken. youll have to find the other one and reduce the entire blueprint table weight on the left

That’s the Drop Party mod. The rarity can be tweaked by changing that first number in each line on the left. A lower number is rarer and higher means more common. I’m not sure if there is a cap on how high the number can go but on some of the tables it’s set to 50 for some things by default. Also, it’s tab-delimited so make sure you don’t screw up the tab layout of that table.

Makes more sense now. Thanks for the input!

No problem.

anyway to add admin in R++? Excuse my noobness but I’m old and behind the times…