R.I.P Rust

Its Sad to dont have computer for a long time and watch rust videos see how its improving… i was waiting for my computer to arrive only to play rust cuz bored of CS, H1Z1… but its more sad to see that in one update the game is broken… do you know how shitty games is that one’s where the best is one who play more? rust became one of this… my reasons for that is:

-Bullet speed
-Bow nerf
-Helicopter added… after this even BUFFED

Bullet speed is important cuz a lot of players were learned how to shoot from different type of weapons… now that all experience is lost… but thats not a big deal… i ask why they nerf bow? what the problem of the bow? who did this… is probably someone who never left his house. In real life if you are good you can do whatever with bow, and this update made starting players life impossible. i want to make the guy who nerf the bow, go outside and shoot himself or someone in the head with bow and see if he will kill or do ‘‘50 dmg’’. Nerf of the bow is like with LoL supports… see that good players always pwn someone and they nerf it… cuz in their dumb heads there are no ‘‘PRO or SKILL’’ but only SO OP THINGS cuz someone know how to play with it. maybe im crying now and you say ‘cry more or learn english’… but maybe someone understand… and that one can cry with me:

if you shoot a guy in armor with a bow it shouldnt be able to kill him instantly with a headshot
the armor is sort of like a leveling system, the better shit you have, the less chance you have to get killed by some naked fuck with a hemp-bow and lose all your shit

if youre good, you can still take down people in armor with bows (since update 80 its been even easier for me for some reason)
go use the spear, that shit is bananas again

Boohoo, my alpha game is changing as promised by the developers and I DON’T LIKE IT!!! RUST IS DEAD RUST 2 WILL FIX IT!

Fix this Garry or me and my 23 friends will never play rust again :shitposting:

All of the cheaters are ruining the game, a lot of people are complaining that stuff is “OP” when its probably just a cheater with aimbot.

Everyone needs to shut the hell up. If you enjoy the game Rust, and KNOW it’s still in developmental mode, then you should KNOW that there may be bugs/problems. If always try to make the game as fun as possible for everyone, and improving some things while also fixing some things. If you bought the game while it’s still in developmental, you should’ve known this.