R.I.P. Sandvich (Sandvich + Heavy Part 2)

I’ll probably be making a 3rd part.
This is probably the best screenshot I’ve made so far.
I was gonna add tears and rain, but I failed epically.
It’s kinda hard to see but the Sniper is holding his rifle. It’s probably a good thing you can’t see it well as the posing was rushed and badly done.
From now all screenshots I upload will have both the main with all the post-processing effects on it, and the unedited with no post-processing effects on it.




Try not to use bigcity much… and a box for AA… but other wise if your starting its not to horrible

Never rush posing. Take your time. When something is off in the posing, no matter how small the problem, it tends to be glaringly obvious.
Turn up your anti-aliasing setting. If your computer can’t handle it, work with low settings and turn them all up when you need to take the shot.
Look up some editing tutorials. You can never learn too much about editing in GIMP/Photshop/Whatever you have.