R.I.P. Web Player

It was nice knowing you. I am going to miss your 3 GB ram usage, your long load times, your need to re-download the game every time I decided to play, your open vulnerabilities against hackers. Farewell ye olde friend, but the time to move on has come. Full Steam ahead!

Farewell buddy :frowning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MqTzTbYTnU&feature

But…but…the steam client is buggy as hell and unplayable for a lot of people :frowning:

Maybe we should go back to webplayer then instead of fixing the bugs in the Steam client?

Well, it’s a brand new version of an alpha product. Give it time.

ALPHA, it’s just a matter of time and work before it works for everyone :smile:

Garry, DO NOT BACK to the webplayer version, it’ll need a wipe again and again, some people wasn’t able to play before and you aren’t back to a old version of the game, so please don’t do it.

I’m sure he was serious. :wink:

I hope he won’t do this…

I didn’t mean it like that. They were evidently able to run simultaneously so might have been a good idea to drop the webplayer after the steam client was a bit more polished. Even in its alpha state I really enjoy the game.

Why don’t I ever have the problems everyone else has?!

I’m running Windows 8.1 for god sake. That’s like slapping Mike Tyson with your penis and thinking you won’t get punched.

R.I.P :suicide: