"R" key, Reload not working?

Apparently today i started up Gmod and go into a sandbox first thing i notice i cant use reload on the physgun’s nor the STools. I’ve checked the binds time and time again reseting the key config back to default and its still there but i can still reload Sweps, any ideas to solve this? :raise:

You can’t reload the physgun or STools…

What would that do anyway?

R is for unfreezing props and all props STools have it binded for undoing welds on a certain prop.

did you bind R to anything?

You can reset your keys by going to Options -> Keyboard -> Use Defaults

If that doesn’t work rename your garrysmod folder to garrysmodold or something like that and start up the game and that should fix it. (steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod)