R.O.B. the Robot

I am shocked that out of all the SSBB model ports, not one of them was of R.O.B. Why exclude this little clunky fellow?


So yeah, basic requests: ragdoll’d, six skins, and two sizes. One life-size (smaller), and one Brawl-size.

Really, the reason no one has ported “R.O.B” is because it was nintendo’s worst idea for an entertainment system.

But Rob looked cool as fuck and shot lasers at stuff in Brawl.

That was in brawl, It wasn’t like that in real life

I’ll try to do this in a few hours.

bone constraining this guy might be hard if you want the robot motions…

You misspelled “best.”
EDIT: Apparently you can’t take a joke.

R.O.B. only supported two games (Gyromite & Stack-Up), that made him last very short. Check this out! This explains how much he sucks metal dick outside of a videogame

However, Nintendo made an excuse by making him playable and fightable as Subspace NPC(s).

ha ha! reminds me of how i’m gonna see the Anrgy Video game nerd at A and C games this friday. but yeah, rob was shit, but it was the time when people thought robots for video games was awsome, and there wern’t reveiws to explain it more in depth, so people just bought it. but it apparently helped the video game market a bit, but not as much as mario.

Thought I’d help out by posting a raw R.O.B. model: http://www.models-resource.com/wii_gamecube/supersmashbros.brawl/rob.zip

Unless somebody else already ripped one beforehand.

Not trying to be rude, but, has there been any progress yet?

oh shit really? thank you for this totally not obvious information about the line between a video game and reality

[del]I’ll try to import that model once I fix the beyond sub-par rig.[/del]
Scratch that.
I’ll be able to do everything EXCEPT for the ragdoll and downscaled part.
For some reason, StudioMdl is acting up when trying to compile the smaller ROB, and the skins don’t change properly when it does.

So it’s not ragdolled?

I was having quite some issues on that part.

Since I have no idea how ROB can actually move I just went off whatever I saw.

Just needs some tweaking and I’ll upload it I guess.

i think it might be better for rob because he’d have weird phys and hard to constrain cause he needs the very limited robot movement

Rigged n shit

Are the shoulder textures like that in brawl? I haven’t played it in a while.