"R!P!G!" [Littlebird pilot is dodging.]


Sorry for poor edit. it is RPG rocket.
And Im out of idea.

i like the pilots expression

I don’t really like the pilot’s expression… it looks quite like something from an action film. If that’s what you were going for, then well done.

That EBR looks huge.

I don’t get what the big black thing with all the smoke is… I know you said it’s an RPG round but I really can’t tell what direction it’s travelling it, or whether it’s travelling at all. Is it supposed to be stuck in the ground and not gone off, like a dud?

Damn, It looks like a fucking double faced black war axe with rocket propelsion :black101:

The rocket’s smoke needs to be darker and more opaque.

Where’d the EBR come from, by the way?

Ditto. I want that M14.

Yeah, M14 and that smexy MAGPul M4.

What in the fuck is that black rail?