[R|P] Revolutionary Rough-RolePlay Wire/Phx/Pac2 (Need Admins)

This server is on “rp_downtown_v4c” Darkrp, This is server ins’t like ever other darkrp server we are looking for admins not five year old idiots Mature People Who have Lives. The server has many mods to make it more realistic then other server. We dont let everyone use all the Wire and E2 Things tell it is decided that they are mature and dont use them in a stupid way.

We Are looking for some scripters for the server everyone who gets a spot will not be Powers Right away. We are looing for some Mappers also none of these spots pay money but do get you special things in the server.If you are interested in any of these positions Please feal free to Pm me. Please Post any questions or ideas you have Here.

The Servers IP/Port is “”


Can I understand what your going for, but if you want a revolution, use something other than overused DarkRP…

What should i use thats so good Perp is not legal now if you don’t get permission witch you cant. Like i said Add Suggestions (Make them detailed).

What about tiramisu? Very easy to manage although it is in the beta stages.
It’s very simple to modify and works like a charm.

It might be nice but i would rather just stay with Darkrp because i’m very familiar with it. But the point of this post is to get more players and try to find others who will help the server out. Not to pick a game Mode.

How is your server “revolutionary”?

Its not it just a name rx2|p= Revoulutionary Role|Play

Cough Pm me website cough

It can shoot while moving.

Rough roleplay sounds like something you pay a prostitute for.