R To Restart



Forgot to add that this is SFM.

i thought r was reload

Not in Hotline Miami.

i really should play that actually, seems like a fun game

It’s great but the way barney’s face looks like and stretched out arm looks like really makes it weird.

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Actually, you know what. If you delete barney, the pic actually looks better and more symmetric. Imagine it in your head for a sec.

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See it makes it even cooler because that way you capture absolutely no faces in the image. You can not see the face of the guy on the ground, you can not see the face of the guy about to shoot him from behind, but you see Barney’s stupid face.

I had second thoughts on Barney too. I’m gonna get on that at some point.

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I’m doing it right now, expect a new version in a few hours.

OK I took another stab at it.


Oh man, I think the removal of Barney made a huge difference. It looks good!

Me too, stupid Barney left a cumstain though.

I like the difference as well. Thanks for suggesting it.