R33MIX/Rubberfruit-style ragdoll manipulation?

I was just wondering how do they do that extreme ragdoll manipulating? Looks like they’re directly messing with the model’s bones.
This isn’t a feature only present in the Gmod 13 Beta alone, is it?

What the heck are you talking about?

I think he meant something like this? I’m not sure

For example…

Edit: apparently he (R33MIX) uses something called MotionBuilder? D:
Curses, was hoping it was some sort of in-game thingy…

Yes! That pretty much sums it up as well.

That’s Source Filmmaker, not GMOD.

That’s the Source Film Maker.

Most of the stuff they do in their videos is Stop-Motion related.

Well, it seems they made a custom animation and saved it as a NPC scene file. But hell, there is no NPCs for TF2! So maybe the scene is rendered in faceposer? Or maybe hammer? Dunno.

^Fucking ninjas.

I see… thanks a bunch, lads!