R3act studios official thread

Hello and welcome to R3’s Official Thread on Facepunch Studios. We are Professional machinima group that loves to bring people Good ol’ machinima. We do this by thinking outside of the box and doing creative things with our machinima’s. We love to help and learn. We will be posting our Promos, Trailers, Movies and Series and anything else we got on here so the world can see it. All Videos will be uploaded to YouTube. We will have a website up and running Within the next couple of months. Hope you guys stay tuned and watch out for our video’s. Below is a link to the Groups page on YouTube. Feel free to comment and/or subscribe.

Link= http://www.youtube.com/user/R3ACTSTUDIOS

                                                                                                Thank You


Promising little introduction.

Professional? You have only posted your intro video, which looks very generic (I.E.- video copilot presets)

Do you have any examples, considering the fact that you have only posted on FP 5 times to promote your new group?

So,will you make videos about epic npc’s war?


“Epic NPC War Episode 3: Revenge of the Antlion Guards on GM_Construct (30 ON SCREEN AT ONCE!)”

Laggy unoriginal 5 fps 320x240 pixelly shit storm/the fraps water mark/hud/shitty 12 year old with shitty mic voice actor

And the channel page asks/tells you to subscribe. It really annoys me when I see that on videos. Maybe if I like the channel and want to know when it has something new I’ll subscribe, but not otherwise. If you feel you actually need to ask people to subscribe then you obviously can’t get people to think “wow, these videos are good, I’ll subscribe”, so the videos are obviously a bit crap.

Also the intro looks generic, I bet you just went in Sony Vegas (or something) and used some builtin ‘vaguely 3d’ intro wizard. I’ve seen this kind of thing in other GMod videos.

We have moved threads to the main Screenshots and Movies Cat.

I agree with Johnny. People who ask you to subscribe EVERYWHERE (Annotations, channel, in video itself), really annoys me. A lot of GMOD videos say “Please Subscribe and Comment” on the end credits, or update their video’s info to say “500 VIEWS! THANKS GUYS”.

On my profile, I’d rather just accumulate popularity by not forcing anything on the person.