R6 Spitfire

No, not the plane.
I had not made an actual car in a while, so I thought it was a good idea to try out. The last time I attempted a proper car was hideous.
I was inspired by a lot of different cars, but mostly British sports cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Without more blabbering, here it is. The R6 Spitfire




Some quick specs of the car:
It’s slower than a Hummer H2 (see video),
It has relatively fast acceleration,
It cannot pull a tractor,
top speed is about 60MP/h,
It’s pretty,
Rear wheel drive.

Also this is my first ‘old’ car that I’ve really put a lot of effort into. I tried to make it drive as much as a sports car as possible.
oh and thanks to Winston for making the car thinner. Did the trick.
and thanks to Guss Griswold for making the auttro / logo at the end of the film.

the roof and stuff could use alittle more detail, and windows would be nice

Thanks. And yeah, the roof could need some more details. And I would if I could, I’m trying to keep it under 200 props. And about the windows, they’re more a pain than they are useful. They have to overlap eachother at times, which creates horrible vision.

It’s funny how you review your own cars.

It’s great fun to do, it’s informative and I get to tell you about the car. Instead of just having pictures or doing as I did a month or so ago, just driving around with fancy camera angles just didn’t cut it. This seems way more entertaining than before, IMO.

I read “Spitfire” and I was like :v:

then I read “not the airplane” and I was like :saddowns:

regardless that is pretty awesome. I wish I was omnipotent enough to build cras, but alas, I seem to top out at planes, ships, submarines, and hovercraft

It looks like it was rear ended

Great car, subscribed to your YT channel.

Rear end is definitely more messy than would be desired, but other than that, it’s nice. Now power it with an engine and I’ll be happy.

You should make the panel in the middle a little smaller so the steering wheel would actually fit. I think the rear could use some work too. Seems to drive nicely though.