r_decals automaticly gets set to '1'

When ever I load a new map (“not when the game starts”) r_decals gets set to 1 (but not 2048, the default?)

I looked everywhere in the config/lua folders but couldnt find any file that might be causing this thing. Any help please?

client-steam-folder/common/garrysmod/cfg/config.cfg or autoexec.cfg, etc…

All are empty of the phrase ‘r_decals’

mp_decals is the one you’re looking for!

Additionally, type “find decal” in console, any of the commands that show up with 1 as a value, change to desired amount. Someone else has this issue and it got resolved by changing mp_decals to desired amount.

It’s actually r_decals. I have just tested it.

Make sure its not in your server.cfg file