Was a while since i uploaded anything and now i bring you my first ever edit!

Story: A zombie-apocalypse survivor finds the streets too dangerous so he desides to take the underground complex, however he gets into some trouble…


Constructive critisism please…

Original: http://www.imagebee.net/images/mrurbz5mm21px416irg.jpg

EDIT: By the way, i bet you can’t guess what tutorial i used…

HINT http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=723271&highlight=tutorial HINT

That’s ok!
A little bit generic but ok.

It’ alright, although you can see some lines around the muzzleflash. Download the effects pack from Garrysmod.org. The muzzleflass you can get from there makes photoshopping/gimping useless.

Well i’ve done that, didn’t get it to work though and i also believe editing is way more fun than using already done effects.

Looks like it’s someone following Vman’s GIMP tutorial for the first time eh? Smoke is good, the cutout of the muzzleflash is terrible.