Raaagghh. Graaahaghgh

basically the preditalien crushing the windpipe of a predator who was hunting him.
cool huh.
not really it fails but whatever.
i was just testing the models really…

predator alien thing is doing the FUCK YES fist thing in the air.
predators mask IS on the tail
it looks cooll

Predator can’t lose :toughguy:

Predator just lost.

That predalien looks awsome.

Predator could cut off predaliens arm,Then he wouldn’t lose. :v:

Predator is kinda almost dead to due being strangled

Dat Thread Title. Nice picture but the fucking not working Super DoF makes the picture look half-assed.

no super dof on here bro.

I know. Thats why it looks half-assed.


I can imagine Predator being like: ‘‘It’s hard to walk on this invisible floor…oh and it’s hard to breathe, since I’m being choked.’’

kinda cool…

My super DoF worked recently

yeah well
i dont care D:

What’s the problem with SDoF lately? Everyone keeps complaining about it but I’ve been using it with no problems. Does it crash Gmod or something?

When people click ‘Render’ it crashes.
Just for certain computers I think!

For me it crashes me when i hit render but when im on the map am_apartment i can use superdof for some reason,Also there was another map were it crashed after the 4th render. :frown:

Odd, seeing that they die in every movie they appear in.

Super DoF crashes when the time to render the frame exceeds a certain length

that’s why it won’t crash on an empty flatgrass but will most likely do so on complex scenes

A very descriptive thread title.