rabbid ragdoll

i have seen the rabbid ragdoll in gmod but can not find one

Yeah. I haven’t quite fixed up the few problems yet, but when I do I’ll upload it to my GarrysMod.org account.

then how does thecrispt3r4t0r on youtube have one

example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARhQNM4OTPI

Might be a private model, or a model that hasnt been posted on facepunch or garrysmod.org, either way, try and ask him about the model, maybe he can give it to you.

yeah, it’s private for now. I have it too because I’m friends with RTB. BUT DO NOT ASK ME FOR IT.


I’m hoping to get it fixed/finished up later this week, so please be patient.

Fingers crossed.

Sorry, did I say I was gonna finish it up this week? I meant “today”.


Enjoy! I’m gonna go make a release thread for it shortly.

ummmm i going to say thank you how a rabbid would say it


Hey, maybe you’ll port the rabbids_flying_yellow_submarine? :smiley:

Sweet! Downloading…