Rabid(?) Gmod workshop downloads

This is a weird hybrid issue between gmod and steam, so I figured I’d post here first.

Basically what’s happening is that on all my PCs with Garrysmod installed Gmod is effectively spamming “empty” updates to downloads tab which have no listed file size and force themselves to the top of the download list no matter what I have there. I say that they’re spamming themselves because when one finishes a new one appears within an hour or so. In addition to this, these downloads can’t be paused (they’ll say they’re stopping but they continue downloading (as apparent by the data downloaded per sec bar)) and on some devices restart themselves within seconds of them actually stopping. Also, when they force themselves to the top of the list, the previous downloading update typically gets forced out of the queued updates into the unqued ones so as you can imagine this is extremely problematic, especially with my piss poor internet where I need to set things to download overnight.

The downloads don’t do anything to gmod either addon wise.

These were all forced out of the list.

If anyone knows of ANYTHING related to this, please respond. I’ve literally never had anyone respond to my posts in this section in all the years I’ve been here and it’s annoying.