Race event hosted on FreeRoamRacing


You should probably give up some more information or criteria about the race. What kind of cars are allowed? Which size engines? Is 4 wheel drive allowed? Stuff like that is interesting for potential racers.

I will add more info later today after school.

-Added more information

Race Estimated Date Next week

**Contestant sign-upish 30 minutes before the race the time of the race will be posted when we know for sure that the servers ready. **

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— Or post your IGN Vehicle type and time zone in the comments of this —

If you’re wondering why there’s not much activity here, I think it’s because of it sounding a bit stressed. You don’t really know when there’ll be a server ready and signing up happens shortly before racing, which seems like a hassle.
I love races and I love GMod but I think you should work out the servers and the schedule before you begin to actually host and / or talk about the event.

Sorry I thought I would be getting the actual server up a few hours after I posted but my lawnmowers battery exploded on me so I wasn’t able to get money trying to get it running today and server should be up tomorrow.

I should be getting server today or tomorow

If you really need a server, I’ll host a garrysmod server off my box for you. But only because I’m a nice man.

It’s based in France and the dedicated itself is of high quality.

How much?

Ive been looking for a host that is worth 15+ dollars a month, but it seams that they all suck…

looks sick

We host for free, check your PMs.

What I noticed is that the course is really long. I also noticed the number of laps you want to run. I think a good way to regulate more lengthy races is by limiting the size of the fuel tanks as it forces people to do different things so they don’t run out of fuel at the wrong time.

I will add Fuel tank sizes later. // And I’m also going to find a way to force all engines to use fuel //

I added fuel types to the end of the engine list, the planes can have just about any fuel tank because there wont be any pit stops for them so they run out of fuel they’re screwed

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Race will be some time next week, As soon as I get free time.

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Ignore what was here, I found that a config was wrong and was able to run 50000+ props with no lag.

6X8X4, are you joking? That fuel tank is like the entire internal volume of the cabin of my Benz S-Class, I was thinking a 2X4X2 (21 gal) fuel tank at most.


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Yeh good point, my truck that I took around the course used 40L per mile or minute what ever it is, but now that I think about it it does have a gigantic diesel engine.

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Delay is off After some search I found that the max rate thing was way to low, it couldn’t load crap

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Race Date::: May 2nd :::::
Next Saturday, be there Race and have fun.

Uploading video showcasing the track with start line, pit stops blocked sections etc to you tube now.

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Btw if you wish to learn the track and stuff server is in description maps loaded and everythings set up, Race is next week.

Race is comming up this weekend, as soon as fastdownload’s set up and im done designing the track.

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Im going to be racing in all of the races if I can get my car set up in time, if not the I’ll just use differnt versions of my old school f1 racer
as seen in video.

—Uploading new video with most recent changes to race track and a lap that is accually good.