Race should be a choice

Race should be a choice

You should choose to play something else.

been there done that. the devs don’t want to offer the choice, so we’re stuck with it. personally i don’t care what my player model looks like; make me a beautiful curvy black girl, or a skinny asian guy and i will still play.

Using incorrect category shouldn’t be a choice either :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, just enjoy the other aspect of the game :wink:

Embrace what you are, break down any negative barriers you have created with your mind and accept it. [Philosophical as fuck]


Never could decide whether I liked this or not really. I always liked to customise the characters I play in games so that they felt more like my own. But having it forced on you certainly doesn’t affect my enjoyment and will to play the game. Does make you wonder though, what else will they do? Will male/female be forced on you too when that comes out?


When female models are added, you don’t get to pick.

i always wanted a bigger bust in line? lol:smile:

How do you disagree with a post? I’ve never had a greater need to.

You can even choose your gender in real life now… For some reason.

Rust is pretty unrealistic.

(think it’s 50 posts now before you can use those)

i really dont care about the race the only thing that scares me is the gender thing
I simply prefer having a dick then a VaJJ

Vaginas need love too sulli.