Race to see witch lua coder or modder can do this could it be zoey samplefiend who knows

try your best to do this. make sure it works and no advanced dupes.

Having actually spoken with Kitty0706 aka Elliot and hopefully working on a coop movie with him, all I can say is 90% of it is in the visual effects.

He uses Sony Vegas and you’ll be surprised what a bluescreen and a Chroma Keyer can do.

so do you think its possible but i think it is but veryy hard my friend sample fiend is gonna try it out

Impossible to do such advance moves.

Why does everyone worship the transexual russian robot, Zoey, and his copy and paste sweps?


In other news: That’s more likely than not impossible.

Gahhh bumped a bit.

I was going to say we should focus on dynamic water.

Samplefriend can’t script to save his life. Did you know all his sweps use the SAME FIRERATE. If you don’t change the firerate then all the sweps will act exactly the same except for sights. Just right click for sights,left for bulletz. Ok maybe not on zoeys base because hers is made of epic additions nobody has done before but worshippers mad cows is nothing compared to zoeys base. I doubt samplefriend could use microsoft paint properly. And before you ask yes I know him, I know of his skill, It isn’t going to happen.

Think before you act. And, why do you use Mad Cows base when you say it’s NOTHING compared to Zoeys’ custom bases? Make a base yourself, and… grow up emofur.

“omgz lulz samplefriiiend sux att dis”

That’s basically what you sound like; an immature bitchy nerd.
Cry a river somewhere else.

You are so ignorant, what you just said… No


You are a complete retard to think Zoey copy-pastes sweps.

Oh wait nevermind, just read the description.

Wow did you just say she can’t code? I bet she can code better than 95-98% of the gmod community. (Most people can’t code)
Lol I don’t think that transexual means male.

He’s a male acting as a female. And no, he can’t.

I would like to see you do better, oh wait you don’t code…

Thank you…


Think before you post. At least do a bit of research. He does code, and has done for rather a long time.

Zoey IS surrounded by idiots.
But He/She can code.
And pretty damn well at that.

Longer than Zoey decided to change his online gender to female. Which was last year.

Anyone with notepad ++ can make a swep. The only difference between Zoey’s and other people’s is one or two little effects. There’s no real variation or skill in making sweps. Zoey is average. No better than that.