Dear Garry, please add a variety of races, or rather to make the race, you could choose to, but only once. If you do not want to do it, please do me a black man (Do not think for racism). Thank you for your attention, I hope you will listen to me.

I don’t think anyone is going to take anything you say seriously when you use a racist term. I hope the moderators remove this thread for your language.

What a sad human being.

beside the bad grammar that makes this basically unreadable, do you really have the ignorance to use that word? anywhere? that’s pathetic.

Non native English speaker and variations of negro meaning black in other languages makes me want to give OP the benefit of the doubt, plus he’s asking to be one. But who knows.

Excuse me for my english, maybe I wrote something wrong, but I do not know much this language

avoid the word “nigger”. it’s a derogatory term for a black person, and has a very hateful history.

@cballer: care to explain the disagree? you don’t think it’s pathetic to use that word?

Personally, I do not see anything offensive in the word “nigger”, I would say more, I would not mind if I call ‘nigger’. And I really want to play for a black man.
(Лично я не вижу ничего оскорбительного в слове “ниггер”, я скажу больше, я был бы не против если бы меня называли ‘ниггером’. И я очень хочу играть за черного человека.)

You keep diggin that racist hole there.

Maybe from the outside it looks like racism, but in fact it is not. I usually otnosush to all races, without exception. I just wanted to say that the game added a selection of race itself, or in any way change the color of my skin’s black.
(Может со стороны это похоже на расизм, но на самом деле это не так. Я обычно относушь ко всем расам, без исключения. Я лишь хотел сказать чтобы в игру добавили выбор расы самому, либо каким либо образом поменять мой цвет кожы на черный.)

Americans seeking racism… Americans seeking racism everywhere…
He is fkin russian, russians barely see ni… black people, why would he be racist? Here in hungary, we are racist for gypsies for a reason, but you? You think that we will become racists for good and working people on other continents?

Whats that american skin-based shit btw? I want cultures with different face-types, body-size, height and so on.

let me be clearer. it’s not that you are a necessarily a racist.

it’s that the word has a hate filled history buried in slavery, discrimination and death for black people; they couldn’t vote, speak to white people or own anything. nigger was the name given to them by their “masters” to keep them “in their place”. it might not offend you to be called that; but that’s like me saying i don’t mind being called a nazi. it doesn’t apply to me in any way, of course i don’t care if you call me it. my point is that some people, me included, think people who use that word are ignorant scum, so you should avoid using it (if you don’t want to come across that way, i guess).

as for your request to pick your character colour, i appreciate it, but at the moment they are allocated based on your steam id. when more options get added you might get the skin you want.

OFF:Lol that reminds me that slave originally meant slavic people.

I registered just to tell you how stupid you guys are. The Russian word for black (person) is “negir” pronounced nhah-gur. Don’t immediately start looking for racism in everything, as believe it or not, not everyone is from America. The stupidity is amazing.

Black folks are also incredibly rare in Russia and viewed with a large measure of disdain, so…