Racecar crash

4 cars are racing. one crashes and explodes, making the one next to it flip

-Don’t use in-game explosions.
-Why is the car flipping TOWARD the explosion?

Oh and the orange car doesn’t really look like a racing car. But that’s my opinion.

haha, its my first ever picture from gmod. ummmm… im not entirely sure why its flipped that way…but like i said its my first ever picture :~)

It’s passable for your first picture.


Oh and maybe work on editing. Maybe learn some explosions in Photoshop or Gimp? Editing is like the icing on the cake. Don’t worry you’ll improve. :smile:

Heres a download link to Gimp:

I found it a bit hard to use, which is why I turned to Photoshop. But photoshop is going to cost you…

You got the analogy wrong.

If you have good icing, but a really nasty cake, then there is no real point.

I suggest you improve a lot before you post here. Common knowledge is that you never post your first 5-10 poses, as they are usually pretty bad ones.

Exactly what this man says.

haha ok