Racer's AK 47 Tutorial

Link to Racer’s ak 47 Tutorial. Contains over 7 hours of video.

Picked it up off of Surfa on Interlopers who picked it up off of Polycount. :slight_smile:

Figured someone at FP could use this.

Final Result:


References used in the Tutorial. (Most)

A wire would be nice too, but oh well. Seems like a good tut for people like me.

Close enough:


Unraring it right now, gonna follow it today.

Which program?

Damnit both torrent and http gives me 10kb/s. Is there a mirror from another server?

3DS Max
8monkey Toolbag (Marmoset Engine Toolbag)
xNormal photoshop plugins

Edja: Seeding at 125kb/s… There’s 40 seeds, 24 peers.

Yeah and I get nothing cries in corner


someone needs to give me 3DS Max… :’(

I really want to make nice guns! lol

Nice, hopefully this will learn me how to create smexy normal-maps.

Tut is nice, but his mic sucks, sometimes it is loud, sometimes it is too silent.

Imma check this out later.

That looks sexy.

Why does the thread title say it’s an “AK 47” while this is an “AK 74u”? :confused:

Because some people aren’t very familiar with firearms (such as magazine vs clip(



Nice downloading now

7hours o.O i made a P90 in 30mins but no where near as detailed as that

You made a P90 in 30min fully modeled, textured and optimized? Somehow I doubt it looks even close as good as this one.

hmm…is he doing this for css ? ( i mean in the tutorial) :? Or is he just modeling .

Someone should release that '74U, because it’s awesome.