I know, you devs are working hard with new ideas of mobs. We’ve seen a few examples in the devblogs. And I love your ideas. The only thing I ask myself is, if all mobs in the future are radiated. Why aren’t players radiated figures?

Ok, your now working to a male and female player. But why not make radiated players, male or female. And to make different races, you could make players who’ll give at night different colors of radiation, green, red or blue.

Now we have African, Asian and White players. With green, red or blue radiated characters you could clear this game of the influences of the real world outside.
Because isn’t that what most players want? To run away from the real society and live a life in fantasy? Now we do have to deal with racists who decide their gameplay on skincolor of other players. Isn’t this insane for a game?


Do you honestly think that replacing race with being a different colored mutant would end everything racial about the game? It would amount to basically the same thing, the only difference being player made stereotypes about the different mutants.

Freaky colours could cause disadvantages against other skin colours. Thinking of nighttime and such.

Doesn’t everyone have to deal with racists on every online game ever?

People hunting green people because they’re green isn’t much better than people hunting people for actual races because they’re that race.